Taking Advantage of Video Content

Thanks to the popularity of Instagram stories, Youtube, and Snapchat, video content as become more and more popular. While it can be time consuming to add video content to your social media the reward is well worth it. Let’s take a look at how marketers can use videos to their advantage.

“According to a new report by Cisco, by 2021, more than 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be driven by video.” Whether promoting items or having audiences get to know your “brand identity” video content is vital to growing your business. Recently, one example of this is Instagram Stories. These can be used to market certain products or suggest consumers to view your page which in turn allows more eyes to your site. For instance: if you just recently posted about something on your page you can quickly go to your Instagram story and post a video telling your audience “hey, go check out our latest post talking all about our favorite new items on our menu!” With Instagram algorithms forever changing it is important to promote your post in any facet you can.

Now, another advantage of video content is allowing your company to stand out more. “In a recent survey, just 10% of companies said it was something they tried.” Simply trying a short video clip on Instagram can get your business noticed. An example can be employees talking about a new product or why they are a part of the team. Another idea is to have customers give testimonials about why they love your product/service. It allows for your audience to see authentic feedback and gives them an idea of who your brand is by introducing them to your staff/valued customers. However, Instagram Stories is not the only way to use video content to your advantage.  

Another outlet businesses are using video content for is recruiting. If your company is looking to hire it might be beneficial to create a recruitment video. This allows potential candidates to see real life footage of who you are and what your company values and represents. Hopefully this can weed out the candidates that aren’t passionate or serious about working for your company. Your recruitment video can be utilized on all social media platforms as well as your company website. It will allow for your job posting to stand out and in turn provide you with more applicants. It’s important to invest in authentic advertising for your job posting in order to seek out the right candidate. This will potentially help sift through applicants and better utilize your time. If a recruitment video isn’t the right fit for your company you can ask candidates to send in a video of themselves answering some interview questions. This will give you a better representation of the candidate and help in your search. Regardless, video content can allow your business to truly stand out among other competing job postings.

So, if you are looking to add video content to your social media/website consider these tips:

  1. Remember graphics: “85 percent of videos are viewed with the volume off, according to Digiday.” Make sure you have good visuals that can be understood even without volume.
  2. Make sure you have a call to action: At the end of the video, take this opportunity to redirect them back to your website.
  3. Consider time: When developing the video content consider time in your plan. Make sure the video is between 30-45 sec so the consumer will remain interested. (of course this varies based on the project)
  4. Have fun with it: Make sure your company’s personality/brand image shines through with every video content you create.

Hopefully, this is helpful and allows you to feel confident in attempting to create video content for your business. It is important to keep updated on trends and what’s new in social media so you can appeal to a majority of the public. So next time you’re reaching for your phone to post some premium content for your audience, consider making it a video!


This is a photo of KJM Marketing working on a recruitment video for one of our clients.



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