Utilizing Your Sponsored Posts

As many people and businesses are aware: social media sites have quickly turned into a marketplace where sponsored ads and posts are everywhere. A sponsored post can allow for your content to get more likes, comments, views, and sales. However, when you are spending money to promote something, you want to make sure you are getting a return on your investment. Therefore, you have to consider certain factors when conducting a sponsored ad on different platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, ect. Let’s dive into those now.

  1. Facebook Sponsored Post:

When deciding which Facebook AD avenue you want to take. It is important to consider all your options. Some of these options include:  

Facebook Canvas Ads: Which is “a jumble of videos, still images, text, call to actions, and other interactive collateral.” While it is time consuming to create, “53% of Facebook users watch at least half of the ad.”

Facebook Carousel Ads: This is for e-commerce to be able to display multiple swipeable product images in one ad. This appeals to a specific type of business.

Engagement Ads: This allows your particular page or post to get significantly more views and interaction then organically posting. Using engagement ads can be very helpful when you are a new business and want more growth to your page.

Another important consideration is to customize your audience. When you sponsor/boost a post you are able to go into your radius of users and customize what regions and demographic you want to target your post to. This will help make sure your intended audience are the ones viewing the content.

  1. Instagram Sponsored Post:  

Instagram Ads are run through Facebook so they have similar features as far as how to create the sponsored post and to best utilize your reach. According to Denise Chan, “59% of millennial’s reported that they use UGC (User Generated Content) to inform their purchases.” Therefore, it is important to use this platform to help grow your business and sales.

Also, a good tip for new users on Instagram is to make your account a business profile. If you have at least 100 followers you can utilize your business account to see a couple different analytics of your page. For example: you can see what time of day is best to post on your account and when you get the most interaction.

  1. LinkedIn Sponsored Post:

The most important tip when sponsoring post on LinkedIn is to keep your content concise. Make sure your headline is preferably no more than 150 characters. Also, adding a large image to your content will help obtain more views. According to LinkedIn Business, “Content with larger visuals tend to get up to 38% higher CTR (click-through rates).”

Another tip is to try to tell a story with your content that allows the audience to feel emotions towards your brand. This will allow for your post to stand out amongst readers and get them interested in your message.  

With competition between brands continuing to grow it’s important to stay relevant on these platforms. Sometimes, simply organically posting content doesn’t always reach the amount of consumers you would like. That’s where sponsored posts come into play. They allow you to raise awareness of your brand and educate your intended audience. Also, encourage your audience to tag you and post about your product/service. Those are free sponsors and allow an authentic view into why someone should choose your brand. Another tip to consider is building a relationship with a local community influencer who believes/uses your product/service. There are countless ways to utilize a sponsored post for your business just remember to be strategic, do your research, and make sure you choose the right platform.

This is a picture of Katie taking photos for a client to use on social media.


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