Developing Your Brand

With the world we live in today, you can find twelve versions of the same exact product/service. So how do you stand out amongst all the other brands? While there are many factors to consider: price, convenience, aesthetic, the most important is how your brand is showcased. “According to a Nielson survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them.” Since you’re competing with so many other versions it is important to show why yours is the right one. How do you go about doing that? Let’s look at helpful ways to make sure your brand is being represented the right way.

  1. Tell a Story: When you’re marketing your brand it is important to have a story or specific message behind your product/service. For example: Toms shoes has marketed themselves by allowing people to not only receive quality shoes but provide a pair of shoes for someone in need. It gives motivation and meaning behind a simple purchase. This allows for the brand to appeal to a variety of consumers and stand out among other shoe brands. You have to consider questions like: What’s the background of this product/service? How is it helping the community? Why should I choose this over another? It’s important to feel passionate about the story you are giving your product/service. You can zone in on a target audience and mold your story to that specific demographic.
  2. Be Authentic: Sometimes it can be hard to determine if brands are being truthful in what they are telling you. If a consumer does not feel like they can trust your brand the chance of them purchasing from you is not likely. It’s important to be authentic in the marketing efforts you choose for your product. Testimonials are a great way to provide new users with other opinions. If an influencer uses your product/service you can partner with them. This allows people who trust that specific influencer to now trust your brand. Another way to do this is to showcase your employees and allow people to get to know your company. It’s okay to truly show your brand. The good, the bad, the in between. Consumers know that no one is perfect and they’d rather put their faith in someone they know and trust.
  3. Consistency: This is so important when it comes to brand development. You want consumers that will stay and be faithful to your product. However, in order to do that you need to provide them with consistency. If you promise your product is made with certain ingredients make sure you’re always using those. If you promise a giveaway every Friday on social media make sure you are following through on that. Consumers notice these things and this will make or break whether someone is devoted to your brand or not. If you’re not consistent with your audience, they will not be consistent with you.
  4. Have a Mission Statement: This is the centerpiece around your entire branding strategy. This is the reason and passion behind what your product/service provides. It allows you to connect with a target audience that believes and supports this mission statement.  “The mission statement basically defines a purpose for existing. It will inform every other aspect of your brand building strategies.” It will also be helpful to check back with as your brand continues to grow. You want to make sure you don’t lose sight of the brand voice and message.
  5. Invest in Your Brand: It is hard to get your voice heard in a congested, changing arena. It is important to invest in yourself and believe in your brand. “Create content. Run promoted posts on social networks. Buy advertising. Put your company out there where the world will notice it.”

The important takeaway is that branding takes time. Growing a successful brand does not happen overnight. It is how you communicate to the world and it is not something to take lightly. Enjoy the journey, have fun telling your story to the world, and always remember why you started this product/service in the first place. It is an exciting opportunity to shape and mold your brand the way you want the world to see it. I hope this helps in allowing you to successfully develop your brand.



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